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     Medical Practice Management Credentials
Earn CME Credits

Consider this: “86% of employers agree they’re more likely to hire someone with credentials” said a study by Anderson Neibuhr & Associates. Quite simply, employers want proven professionals! Credentials in any industry quickly elevate one into a higher professional standing. AAMM medical practice management credentials are based on the strong foundation of our training courses. AAMM courses and certifications energize both highly experienced professionals as well as newcomers to the field in need of a thorough understanding of today's serious business of developing the medical staff.

The Following Medical Practice Management Credentials Are Available (Membership Required to Apply):

  • MCPM - Master Certificate in Practice Management
  • CMSR - Certified Medical Staff Recruiter
  • CAPPM - Certified Administrator in Physician Practice Management
  • RCAPPM - Recertified Administrator in Physician Practice Management
  • EFPM - Executive Fellowship in Practice Management
  • PFPM - Physician Fellowship in Practice Management
  • FMSD - Fellowship in Medical Staff Development
  • RMSR -Recertified Medical Staff Recruiter
  • MCPR- Master Certificate in Physician Recruitment
  • For more information about Medical Practice Management Credentials please contact The American Academy of Medical Management.



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